Conzept allows internal URLs (self-hosted) and CORS-enabled external URLs to be rendered into the content area.

The internal URLs are used for embedding apps. There are currently about 40 of such apps.

Below is an overview of the most relevant apps.

wikipedia app

Wikipedia app shown in the content pane

The Wikipedia app renders the content from Wikipedia in Conzept (with its own styling and layout).

Main features:

  • Dynamic table of contents

  • Fullscreen image viewing and zooming

  • Text-to-speech support

  • The action buttons (at the top) allow for doing something with the topic:

    •   Explore the topic by running a new search query for this topic-title.

    •   View related videos, images and books.

    •   Add the topic to the compare list.

    •   Clone the current tab into another tab.

    •   Go to the original Wikipedia page (eg. to edit the article).

    •   View the Wikipedia Talk-article.

    •   Print the article.

    • Switch the article language.

wikidata app

This app renders the content from Wikidata in a form better optimized for reading.

From here you can also go to the Wikidata source page (eg. to make edits), by clicking the    icon.

video app

The video app renders the content from YouTube into Conzept in a more minimal style.

There are options to filter the video by: duration, resolution and type.

You can also sort the videos by: relevance, date and number of views.

Youtube API access is kindly being provided for free by Google to the website. Thank you!

tree app

With the tree app you can see the relations to and from a topic in the form of a zoomable tree structure.

These relations can be:

This links-app renders the the first 20 links of a Wikipedia-article into a zoomable, interactive graph view.

It allows you to explore the essential relations of a topic in a more visual form.

map app

map example of a location (with an opened infobox)
map example of a location with a border outline
map example created from the UI showing two different data-set instances (rune stones and stave churches)

The map app can render locations and areas on a 3D terrain map of Earth.

The map app can also render the results coming from a SPARQL-query constructed by adding geo-type topics to a map-query list. To add such a geo-type go to the “meta”-section of a topic and click on the “compare map” button.

nearby map app

This app helps you see the nearby points of interest for topics with a geo-location. As you pan the map new points of interest are shown.

time-space app

The time-space app allows you to view “series of related events”, both in the time dimension as well as the spatial dimension.

timeline app

The timeline app also allows you to view events / creations / etc, both in the time dimension as well as the spatial dimension.

Note: The timeline app has more of a focus on the “map locations” compared to the time-space app, which focuses more on the “series of related events”.

commons images

View the images on Wikimedia Commons using a SPARQL-query (or via a single Wikidata Qid - using the similar “commons-qid” app).

image viewer component

This is the standard image viewing component (based on LC Lightbox) used in several embedded apps (Wikipedia, Commons-SPARQL and others), to view image files.

The common image viewer has various advanced features:

  • Gallery thumbnails
  • Gallery slideshow
  • Image zoom and panning
  • Color palette detection
  • Interactive image filters
  • Reverse image-search (via Bing Images)
  • Monocular image-depth estimation, using browser-based AI (this turns a 2D image into a semi-3D scene)

IIIF image viewer

Invalid Link

This app allows for viewing IIIF files.

filter-browse app

The filter-browse app allows you to drill-down on classes of Wikidata properties.

(Note: only available if some “properties-for-this-type” were defined for the entity in Wikidata.)

PDF speaker app

This app allow you listen to the text of the PDF-file using the browser Text-to-Speech function. The highlighted word shows which words is currently being spoken (Note: the word-speech alignment can sometimes be a bit out of sync).

You can change the voice-settings from the Conzept settings-menu.

compare app

example (fix link)

The compare app allows you to see the Wikidata property differences between a user-selected set of topics.

This tool works best if the topics in your selection are similar to each other.

You can add a new topic by clicking the “compare table” link in the meta-section of each topic.

You can remove the compare topics, from within the compare-app, by clicking the icon at the top of each column or remove them all at once by clicking the icon in the app's menu-bar.

organism occurrence map

The occurrence app shows the organism observations collected by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

The app also allows you to select extra map overlays (such as: country borders, 30-year mean temperature, average precipitation, and more).

The app is also rendered as an web-component in Wikipedia articles relating to organism (in the “occurrence map” section).

inline: category tree

example (fix link)

This is a topic card widget available for topics with a category in Wikipedia. It allows you to browse the category-tree related to that topic.

All the sub-categories can be explored and the pages within each sub-category can be viewed.

Each page in a category has a menu-bar with buttons to:

  • Explore the topic further.

  • Read the Wikipedia article.

  • Find related video, audio, images and books.