specific ideas

  • Fix the items mentioned in issues.
  • Add claim-support to the Wikidata-data fetching (and support for claim-data in the field-definitions).
  • Find and integrate a more lightweight MIDI-webcomponent (html-midi-player is more than 0.5MB by itself!)

general ideas

  • Allow 3rd-party SPARQL-based endpoints to be added as extra “concept stores (besides Wikipedia & Wikidata).
  • Offline(-first) support with content-caching (especially useful when traveling and/or without reliable internet-connectivity)
  • Research educational improvements:
    • collaborative & social learning features (eg. audio-chat rooms for each topic)
    • user-created and auto-generated presentations around a topic
    • auto-generated topic quizzes
    • note taking (integration)
    • better ways to indicate personal and professional interests