browser navigation

  • Backwards & Forwards history navigation has several issues.
    • note: The web standards community is working on improving the browser-history API, since many other “Single Page Applications” (SPA) are running into the same issues.
    • See also: App History API (proposal)
  • Reloading complex-encoded URLs does not always work, due the mis-encoding of the URL parameters. This is a tricky issue, for which the causes which will need to be carefully studied, tested and fixed. Research what tools could be used to help debug this issue.
    • There is a need to have a better workflow & tooling to help with debugging these URL-issues.
  • Touch-based resizing the width of the sidebar does not work (Todo: make the vertical separator line and the resize-handle touch-enabled)
  • URL hash handling
    • Fix the hash-handling conflict between the inline-category widget and Wikipedia ToC clicks.
    • Always reset the hash when needed (eg. when clicking on another topic) (partly fixed)
    • Scroll-position / section alignment issue for Wikipedia (example)

mobile browser compatibility and usability

  • The Wikipedia-app needs a “Table of Content” system suited for mobile devices.
  • The Apple iOS mobile browser needs more UX testing & fixing.
  • Cold-startup time (upon first use) is quite slow - sometimes more than 10-20 seconds on low-bandwidth networks - and should probably be improved.

quality assurance

  • Accessibility (including keyboard-access) should be assessed and improved where needed.
    • Integrate an automated accessibility test system.
    • Look into the IBM Carbon web-component framework for accessible replacements (when needed)
  • Integrate an automated testing system.

admin-dev workflows

field localization

  • Create a structure to store field translations (title and icon-title), both for Wikidata and non-Wikidata fields.
    • Allow the json2fields script to fetch and store property translations too.


  • How to detect if the field URL could be embedded (instead of opening a a new tab)? (run a headless browser loading an iframe with the URL, checking for CORS-errors?)