URL structure

Conzept is mainly based around URLs and iframes. Conzept tries to make each (first-order) content view linkable using the below URL parameters and URL action types.

URL parameters

There are various parameters available to structure URLs.

parameter description default value
l language “en”
lv language variant (currently only applies to Chinese languages) “zh-my”
t action-type “string”
ds active datasource-set -
d active datasource list “wikipedia,wikidata”
sortby result sorting key “relevance-desc”
i entity ID (such as the Wikidata Q-identifier) -
u URL-string -
s sidebar visibility true
v view-mode requested, can be “desktop” or “mobile” (note: automatically determined by the device type, but can be overruled with this parameter)
c custom data field (its format is not specified) -
singleuse prevents permanently storing the datasources activated by the URL datasources-parameter (this is useful for recursive Conzept views, such as used in presentations) false
query structured search query in JSON -
commands command API DSL code in Scheme Lisp (as used for presentations) -

URL action types

The types parameter (“t”) in Conzept URLs indicated what type of content should be loaded.

The following action-types are available:

type argument data-type description comment
string search-term string string-based search in the active datasources
wikipedia-qid Wikidata Qid request the Wikipedia or the Wikidata page of an entity (in that order)
link URL setup a content pane and load the URL into the content pane
link-split URL setup two content panes and load the URL into the first content pane, in the second-content pane load the Wikipedia page for the search-string
articles search-term string (only used internally) to update the sidebar with a new string-search (and not update the content area)
random (none) (only used internally) to load a random Wikipedia topic
wander search-term string loads the video-app to stream a series of YouTube videos
presentation search-term string creates a presentation (if the topic refers to a Wikidata topic)
geospatial custom-geo-data string search by geopoint (TODO: geoshape, geobox) creates a geographical query (together with the custom-parameter string: lat;lon;radius)

example URLs

Here are some example URLs:

  • conze.pt/explore/Semantic_Web (Minimal URL with a search-string. The user-language will be based on: the stored language setting, the browser language or simply fallback to English.)