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sidebar entity-view on a matching URL

The Conzept browser extension (source) is a lightly-patched fork of the great Wikidata-for-Web extension.

The extension aims to semantically integrate any website with the Conzept encyclopedia. By “string” and by “thing” (semantic entity).

The Conzept extension allows you to:

  • Do a text-selection search: Select some text on any website, then right-click for the context-menu , which will show an option to search on Conzept. Even browser-viewed PDF files are supported!
  • Detect and see the semantic metadata on (supported) websites, in a sidebar panel. This works through Wikidata-based URL-matching and by checking the website for embedded metadata (meta-tags, JSON-LD).


* Firefox version

* Chrome version (not yet published)


  • Parsing the JSON-LD on Conzept pages fails (the JSON-LD is correct, as other tools parse it nicely). I've started some research what the best way forward is to improve the JSON-LD parser. See also: 1
  • The entity display works on 3rd-party websites but not on currently: A complication due to the iframe-visibility needed for text-selections, which overwrites sidebar state. I will need to research this issue a bit more to get a good solution, to prevent each iframe from triggering the meta-data parsing, while still allowing text-selection in these same iframes.


  • Add multi-lingual support to the entity view (use a language switcher or take the language from somewhere else?)
  • ? Name-entity-linking on 3rd-party webpages, how would the UX for this look?
  • ? Take a look at the Safari extension store too, with an Xcode-requirement (which I don't have access too, but maybe there is some way to get that done as well).