used projects

This is a list of the various software projects integrated into Conzept (called “apps” in this context).

background services

  • json-proxy - JSON CORS-proxy with support for secret-API-keys (MIT)
  • allOrigins - general CORS-proxy (any file type). (MIT)

embedded apps

  1. audio - audio analyzer (AudioMass, license?, license yet undecided)
  2. filter-browse - SPARQL-based filtered browsing (Anvesha, GPL v2)
  3. occurence map - OpenLayers-based map webcomponent used for rendering GBIF API-based taxon-occurence data (and extra map-layers) (selfmade)
  4. compare - compare to wikidata items (WikiCompare, MIT)
  5. coverhex - hex-tiles topic-list display (selfmade)
  6. dateviz - timeline of words in books (DateViz, Apache v2)
  7. elements - periodic table elements (, MIT)
  8. entitree - Wikidata tree-hierarchy viewer (entitree, GPL v3)
  9. event - Wikidata event data (UniversalAlmanac, GPL v3)
  10. get - PHP Simple Web Scraper (php-simple-web-scraper, MIT)
  11. iiif - universal IIIF viewer (UniversalViewer, MIT)
  12. links - Wikipedia-article link-graph viewer (wikipedia-map, MIT)
  13. map3d - 3D satellite/terrain map viewer (procedural-gl-js, MPL)
  14. map-search, historic map search tool with overlay functionality (map-search, MIT)
  15. molview - molecule-structure viewer (MolView, AGPL)
  16. feed - RSS / Atom feed-rendering tool (using the jquery-rss library, MIT)
  17. nearby - nearby points of Wikipedia and Wikidata articles, WikiShootme, GPL)
  18. text-identification (currently offline, due to limited VPS RAM resources) - converts an image of text via “Optical Character Recognition” (using Tesseract.js, MIT), to a named-entity-linked text (using a self-hosted Spacy NER API, MIT). (In-Browser-OCR, GPL v3)
  19. map - 2D/3D map viewer based on OpenStreet Map and terrain-elevation data (OpenGlobus, MIT)
  20. openseadragon (used for zooming into images on Wikipedia pages) - image-zoom, (OpenSea Dragon, license )
  21. osmbuildings - 3D map of OpenStreetMap buildings, (osmbuildings, MIT)
  22. overpass - overpass API middleware (overpass-turbo, BSD-style)
  23. panorama - panorama photo viewer, (PanoLens, MIT)
  24. present (currently offline) - conzept presentation builder (self-made, experimental)
  25. query - Wikibase Query Service GUI, GPL-2.0+ or Apache License
  26. response - URL-API middle-ware for rendering HTML-snippets from various data-inputs. Used for rendering one or more IIIF-images in Universal Viewer (self-made)
  27. space-object - view the orbit of space-objects, (EarthStation, MIT)
  28. stock - stock-price graph viewer (selfmade)
  29. streetquiz - street quiz tool (back-of-your-hand, MIT)
  30. taviewer - Human anatomy ontology-tree viewer (TAViewer, MIT)
  31. tree (zoomable tree relations) - , (Entitree, GPL v3)
  32. video (requires a Google YouTube-API-key) - an alternative YouTube video interface, (Toogles, MIT)
  33. wikidata - Wikidata info client, (Reasonator, GPL, fork)
  34. wikipedia - Wikipedia article rendering (selfmade)
  35. wordmap - 3D map of word-translations, (wordmap, license?, issue filed)
  36. commons (“View it!”) - Wikimedia Commons image query tool, (website, source, license?)
  37. timeline (English-only Wikipedia article timeline) (github, MIT)
  38. quiz : location - (guess the item locations, fork of wikidata-guessr, GPL v3)
  39. experience : chess - (chess game with AI, Betafish, MIT) (TODO: add “Portable Game Notation” support for sequences of moves and perhaps whole chess games.)
  40. europeana - Europeana media viewer (ISC)
  41. routing - OpenStreetMap routing (github, BSD v2)
  1. category-tree - Wikipedia category-tree browser (selfmade)
  2. ambient audio - ambient audio player (selfmade)

special commands

These are “!”-prefixed commands which override the normal search. See also the command API, which is the future of Conzept command scripting and presentations.

  1. !graph, 2D/3D function plotter (with WebXR capabilities), (xr-graph, MIT)

various code