The main settings of the Conzept system can be edited in “/etc/conzept/settings.conf”.

name description
CONZEPT_HOSTNAME name of the webserver (eg. '')
CONZEPT_WEB_BASE optional: web base-path (can be used to change the base web URL location)
CONZEPT_WEB_DIR file system path to the root of the web directory (eg. '/var/www/html')
CONZEPT_SERVICES_DIR file system path to the services directory (eg. '/var/www/html/services')
CONZEPT_VERSION Conzept version string
CONZEPT_CORS_PROXY_WHITELIST list of domains for which the CORS-proxy is enabled
CONZEPT_LOCALES supported language locales (used for i18n)
CONZEPT_COMMON_HTML_INCLUDE common HTML-string which will be included in embedded apps
CONZEPT_COMMON_HTML_INCLUDE_NO_JQUERY same as above, but without jQuery (some apps already include jQuery by themselves)
CONZEPT_TRACKER_HTML_INCLUDE optional: common tracker HTML string

After editing the settings file, go to the “$CONZEPT_WEB_DIR/app/explore2/” directory and execute “npm run build”.

This build step will update the above settings in all the HTML, PHP and JS files.