get the conzept source

sudo apt install -y git unzip
git clone && cd conzept
cp settings.conf.example settings.conf

Now edit the “settings.conf” file for your system context.

install docker


[NOTE: that you need to logout and login again after running this script, to make sure the group permission are active ]

build the conzept docker image

  • Go into the Conzept directory:
cd conzept
  • Build the Conzept docker image:
docker-compose build
  • Run the docker image (with a correct HTTPs certificate)
sudo ./
  • Alternatively, you can build and run the Conzept docker image like this:
docker-compose up -d

common docker commands

  • Build an image:
    • docker-compose build
  • Fetch an image:
    • docker pull [image-name:image-version]
  • List installed images:
    • docker images
  • Create a new container (from an image)
    • docker run -d –name conzept
  • Start/stop a container:
    • docker stop conzept
    • docker start conzept
  • List running containers:
    • docker ps
  • Run a command within a container (note: no data persistence between start/stops):
    • docker exec -it conzept /bin/bash

open questions

  • How can local development be done using the Conzept docker image?

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